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#AdvaMed2011: Where the Key MedTech Players Met

October 4th, 2011
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If you read Ken Walz’s recent post based upon his interview with AdvaMed Conference Producer Ray Briscuso, you already know that AdvaMed 2011 – bringing together more than 1,500 key MedTech executives from companies in every sector of the industry – promised to be an important conference, exhibition and partnering event for medical device, diagnostic and health information companies. Ken attended the conference – as did I – with the intent of absorbing all we could, sharing highlights, and reporting back via this blog.
From Ken’s perspective, one of the major themes permeating the remarks of many AdvaMed 2011 presenters was UNCERTAINTY. “While speakers referred to various causes for the uncertainty facing the MedTech industry, most of them tied it back to federal laws impacting health care and the potential for federal budget cutting to constrain the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s ability to rapidly approve new devices and diagnostic tools,” he said.
For more on what some presenters and attendees had to say during and about the conference, read on:
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Assessing the Evidence for Genomics

June 2nd, 2011
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Genomic research is accelerating at a rapid pace and improvements in technology are fueling these advances (as has previously been addressed within the Popper and Co. blog). We’re now entering a phase of evaluating how to incorporate translated genomic information into clinical testing. With this comes a critical need to verify how and when to use a test, how these tests can modify clinical care, and how this process translates into improved outcomes for patients.
In April, Margaret Piper, Ph.D., M.P.H., presented at the Personalized Medicine Partnerships Conference outside of Washington, DC.  Dr. Piper is director, genomic resources, at the Technology Evaluation Center of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) Association. Her presentation, “Assessing the Evidence for Genomics: Focus on the Patient,” centered on the impact of genomics on administrative processes and the adoption of new technologies into clinical care. As Dr. Piper noted, “We’re generating a lot of information that relates genomics to disease, but we’re only just starting to gather information on how to translate this into treatments and medical decision making.”
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Health Tech: Economics Can Play an Unusual Role in Entrance to Market

April 21st, 2011
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Entrance-to-market is always a challenging process in the bio-med industry, but where one would normally consider product quality and peer assessment as lead indicators of success, it can be something quite different and unexpected that affects rapid market adoption—such as simple profit-based economics. This is a lesson learned by the San-Francisco-based company XDx, Inc. (Expression Diagnostics) in conjunction with the launch of its diagnostics test Allomap®.
XDx’s Vice President of Corporate Development and Legal Affairs Matthew J. Meyer recently presented at the 3rd Annual Personalized Medicine Partnerships Conference in Bethesda, Maryland. Here, I recap some of the highlights of Meyer’s case study presentation and then offer some insights from Ken Walz, one of the founder’s of Popper and Company.
According to Meyer, the heart transplantation market in the U.S. encompasses nearly 140 centers performing more than 2,000 transplants per year. With the average cost of the procedure at around $750K and topping out at nearly $1M when post-transplant therapy and care is included, the industry fully supports a growing $2B impact on the U.S. healthcare system. Transplant patients and hospital institutions not only face substantial costs in upfront care, but the patient must also pay for and endure between 20 and 35 painful biopsies in an attempt to reduce rejection and minimize immunosuppression.
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