Which countries will have the most exhibitors at the AACC 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting?

Next month, my colleague Caroline Popper will attend the Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC), which includes one of the largest trade shows for laboratory medicine. Since our firm has a deep focus in diagnostic testing, I thought it would be interesting to learn more about the “demographics” of the exhibiting companies at the upcoming AACC conference, as this might suggest trends in this market segment.

To gather information about the companies exhibiting at AACC, I wrote a web scraper in python using BeautifulSoup to pull all of the exhibitors from last year’s meeting as well as those companies slated to exhibit next month. Once I cleaned up the data a bit, I was able to perform some  exploratory analysis on the number of companies exhibiting:


So, which countries have the most exhibitors?

 It’s probably not too surprising to see that the country with the most companies exhibiting at the AACC Annual Meeting is the United States with over 300 companies. But what other countries are represented? China has nearly 100 companies exhibiting followed by South Korea and Germany.

AACC 2019

AACC 2019

How does this compare to last year? You’ll see in the chart below that the numbers and rankings are similar: 

AACC 2018

AACC 2018

These observations are no doubt related to the growing market in Asia, the emergence of Asian institutional investors in the med device space, the manufacturing cost advantages and importantly, ability to leverage skills from other sectors of strength (like consumer electronics) into healthcare. There are implications for the US market too as these companies are poised to enter the US market, and some already have. 

What are your thoughts about these charts? Any surprises?

 The charts above include companies across all categories of exhibitors, including distributors and support services. For our next post, I’ll dig into the subset of companies that are focusing on manufacturing and developing equipment for diagnostic testing. AACC allows exhibitors to describe the types of tests they offer, so we’ll take a look at these in more detail.

 Will you be going to AACC? Let us know!

Stephanie Kreml, MD, Senior Advisor


Stephanie Kreml