EHRs Must Find Zebras Among the Horses

October 10th, 2014
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This post is originally published on InformationWeek Healthcare, October 8, 2014


EHRs should be adaptive, so that when something like the Ebola outbreak occurs, the overworked ER doc has help catching the one critical piece of information that wasn’t as relevant a year ago.

In my last article for InformationWeekWill Electronic Health Records Ever Be Usable?, I introduced the American Medical Association’s EHR usability priorities, published last month. This time let’s dig a little more deeply into some of these priorities.


Events over the last two weeks have brought to light how the usability of electronic health records can affect public health. Thomas Duncan, the Liberian man in Dallas being treated for an Ebola infection, was initially discharged from the emergency room he visited. At first, the hospital blamed the EHR as the culprit for why the ER doc did not know Duncan had recently travelled from Liberia.

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