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December 13th, 2010
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According to staffers at The Scientist, “If developing interesting new technologies and products really is the lifeblood of economic health, then the life sciences industry is innovation’s beating heart.”
Are advanced technologies critical to the development of your new life science products and services, or to the companies in which you invest? If so, then you likely are aware of how quickly these technologies are changing and how hard it is to stay on top of these changes.

The life sciences industry is innovation's beating heart - The Scientist

You also are likely seeing the rapid convergence of technologies that have traditionally served separate and distinct markets. For example, drug development and companion diagnostics are now tightly linked in ways that require you and your company to possess an ever-wider body of knowledge that can directly affect the success of your pipeline, your business, or your investments.
Opportunities for Creative Synergy
I’m interested in the way physicists, computer scientists, chemists, biologists, clinicians and business development professionals are now closely working together. These interactions provide a tremendous opportunity for creative synergy and they pave the way for what is likely to be an extended period of intense innovation, product development, and significant changes in the delivery of health care, all of which are likely to affect your business.
I – along with my colleagues at Popper and Company – spend part of just about every day reviewing the scientific literature and trade journals to keep abreast of developments in the areas of basic and applied science, technology development, and regulatory affairs. I am very interested in all aspects of technology, and I am excited about the opportunity to use this blog to share my observations about recent developments that have an impact on the life sciences industry and your business. These developments are occurring rapidly, often outpacing advances in regulatory affairs and reimbursement practices.
Leveraging Our Network
Our network of life sciences clients and contacts provides an opportunity for us to participate in all of these areas, and has provided a wealth of experience and ideas. I’ll be sharing my observations and ideas with you, informing your work as a life science investor, entrepreneur, business development pro or someone interested in the impact that technology is having on the life sciences industry.
Are there particular technologies you’d like more information on? Can you share an example of a scientific or technological convergence that is having an impact on your business? What do you think of The Scientist’s “Top 10 Innovations 2010” list? I hope you’ll comment here to spark further discussion. Thanks!

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