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Adding DNA to the ABCs of Med School

February 3rd, 2011
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Last week, GenomeWeb News reported (free subscription required for full access) that a multi-disciplinary team from Tufts University had “urged gradual and calculated incorporation of genomic material into medical school training programs” after the team had looked at potential consequences of introducing genomics-related training into the curriculum at Tufts University School of Medicine.
According to the GenomeWeb article, several medical school faculty members were voluntarily genotyped using 23andMe tests. Medical students then analyzed the collected information. Based on a year’s plus analysis and implementation of the program, the researchers called for inclusion of personal genomics-related training and information within medical schools.
The lead study author wrote, “We strongly advocate that genomic analysis and personalized medicine is a necessity for modern medical school education… Our experiences illustrate that adding this material to a medical school curriculum is a complex process that deserves careful thought and broad discussion within the academic community.”
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