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Matchmaking: Digital Technology and Health Care?

February 16th, 2012
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In a recent Forbes article on the last FutureMed meeting in California, writer David Shaywitz expressed his concern that technology developers are more focused on their technology than with how it may be accepted by health care practitioners. But he also expressed hope that, soon, technology and the practice of health care might experience a meeting of minds (and possibly even hearts).
At Popper and Co., we make an effort to search for technology solutions that can truly make a difference in health care, and often we’ve been skeptical of the “latest shiny new thing.” While I believe that sometimes technology apps appear to be solutions in search of a problem, we are arriving at a point in time when a happy merger between health care and health technology may be feasible. Why?


  • Because we (the scientific and technology community) now understand enough about biology to adapt technology to address real clinical problems. Our knowledge of genetics alone allows us to design targeted (i.e., “personalized”) therapeutic solutions.
  • Because cost and resource constraints have led to patients being more engaged in the price and quality of their health care.
  • Because consumer power has forced many practitioners (and technologists) to consider the “might” of this market.
  • Because new technologies facilitate fundamental health service innovation for providers as well as patients.

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