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Expert’s View: Trends in Trans-Atlantic Life Science Technology

June 7th, 2011
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In my May 17 blog post, I introduced Dr. Andreas Muehler as one of Popper and Co.’s new strategic advisors. Dr. Muehler brings broad perspectives and business insights, owing in part to his close relationships with established industry leaders in the joint development and commercialization of medical products worldwide. Building upon our last discussion, where I was caught by his enthusiasm as we talked about his past role as CEO for a struggling medical device firm and his experiences positioning products in the global marketplace, I recently talked with Dr. Muehler again to further explore his impressions on the differences between the E.U. and U.S. markets for new life science technologies.
CP:  You’ve served within or supported the pharmaceutical and medical device industries in both Europe and the U.S. What do you see as some of the differences?

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Leveraging a Multi-Coastal Point of View of Life Sciences

May 17th, 2011
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Having a pulse on global trends in the biopharmaceutical industry requires a wide range of insights from experience in pharmacological research and technology development through to the core operations of large-scale and startup life science businesses. With this in mind, I’m pleased to welcome Dr. Andreas Muehler as our second strategic advisor. Dr. Muehler’s experience with preclinical and clinical development, major product launches, licensing, business development, and marketing provide him with a unique combination of technical and business perspectives.
In the United States, Dr. Muehler developed and managed multiple startup medical device and medical technology companies. Among them were 3TP LLC d/b/a CAD Sciences (White Plains, NY), a medical software company that was sold to iCAD Medical in 2008. Dr. Muehler was also President & CEO of MicroMRI Inc (Langhorne, PA), a medical device company that received FDA clearance for both hardware and software components during his tenure. Dr. Muehler has also been managing director of a German healthcare private equity fund, Palladius Healthcare GmbH in Munich, which acquired distressed medical device companies. Read the rest of Dr. Muehler’s impressive bio here.
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