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Compound- to Target-Centric: A New View of Drug Discovery with H3 Biomedicine CEO Markus Warmuth

October 29th, 2012
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The cost and risk associated with biopharmaceutical R&D is enormous and the rewards are increasingly elusive. For many young firms, the “valley of death” is a very real obstacle. What can startups (and larger companies) do? In the first blog post based on my interview with H3 Biomedicine CEO Markus Warmuth, we discussed H3’s strategy to propel innovative therapies into the market using a tighter time frame based upon a new research and clinical paradigm that is almost the reverse of traditional biopharmaceutical development. In this segment, Warmuth shares with us some specifics about H3 Biomedicine’s unique approach to drug development.

Q: What is the current approach to drug discovery at H3?
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