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Some Low-Tech Healthcare Issues Need High-Tech Help

June 19th, 2013
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Healthcare improvements often depend on technology a great deal, whether it’s a new drug, diagnostic device, online system or even an app. Sometimes, however, solutions to nagging problems beg for less costly, low-tech solutions. And in a handful of cases, low- and high-tech innovations must work hand-in-hand for a problem to be successfully addressed.
Take hand-washing, for example. This simple procedure can help combat the 100,000 deaths and $30 billion in annual costs due to hospital-acquired infections, yet only 30 percent of hospital staff meets the standard for hand-washing recommended by the World Health Organizations and other health groups. Now that hospitals could lose Medicare funding if enough patients contract preventable infections, they’re looking to technological solutions to fix this age-old problem, including high tech devices like video monitoring and motion detectors in intensive care units. Read the rest of this entry »

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