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Can We Manage a Democratized Healthcare Technology?

May 21st, 2012
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We’ve discussed previously how medical societies, healthcare practitioners and life science product developers are increasingly concerned about reducing costs of healthcare product development and delivery – both for the developing company and the end patient or consumer. Cost-effectiveness and “cost control” are the new watchwords.
But much of this cost control will come not from cutting R&D budgets or reducing unnecessary tests (though those are important considerations). Instead, a targeted look at healthcare customers and the development of sensitive, intelligent information technology that can track patient progress and capture customer preferences will pave the way to innovative and revolutionary healthcare delivery.
An ideal information system should track product (or service) quality, total patient outcome and the cost of treatment for the entire time a patient is sick. In addition, this information system should monitor and discover behaviors that can prevent illness from happening, or check up remotely on a healthy healthcare consumer (such as a pregnant woman). This will require a “democratization” of IT; a design of systems that anybody can use and that contain metrics that are shared among platforms:

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Five Great Healthcare and MedTech Info Resources

March 28th, 2011
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With the abundance of information available online today, sometimes it’s hard to sort through the SPAM to find quality sources of news and opinions, particularly if you want to stay current on trends and policies in healthcare and medical technology.  I’m here to help with some of my favorite sites for great info on these topics.  Add your picks to the comments, and together we can create a resource to sort through the junk.
The Healthcare Blog: WebMd dubs this blog “a free-wheeling discussion of the latest healthcare developments.” I enjoyed last week’s post on “The Incredible and Wasteful Complexity of the U.S. Healthcare System,” which provided a brief and twistedly entertaining look at the mishmash of laws, regulations, and other pieces that combine to create complexity and inefficiency in the U.S. healthcare system. The “internet journal of emerging medical technologies” has something for anyone interested in gadgets and medicine. A recent article spoke of new medical scrubs featuring fabric patterns based on micrographs of pathogens. What an opportune way for every nurse, medical student and hospital staffer to stand out from the crowd.
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