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The Walgreens’ Way to Mobile Healthcare

July 10th, 2012
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At Popper and Company, we’ve watched and commented upon how the Walgreens drugstore chain has developed unique strategies, from prescription price negotiations to bringing pharmacists and customers closer together. Now, the chain is exploring ways its stores can better distribute and educate their customers on medical devices and the emerging world of mobile healthcare. In this post, I share highlights from my interview with Dr. Jay Rosan, VP of Health Innovation at Walgreens.
Is Walgreen’s moving into mobile health?

Most people view Walgreens as the community pharmacy—we have nearly 8,000 such stores. About two-thirds of Americans live within three miles of a Walgreens. We also have more than 350 retail clinics. We are one of the top specialty pharma retailers in the country, and the largest provider of workplace health and wellness centers in the U.S., with about 360 locations including many Fortune 500 companies. We are the closest place to home (for many Americans) so we have a lot of­­­ opportunities to facilitate personal health.
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