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Marrying Targeted Therapies with Companion Diagnostics: The Novartis MDx Model

May 31st, 2011
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In late 2008, Novartis established its molecular diagnostics unit, to be known as Novartis Molecular Diagnostics (MDx) and to function as an integrated unit within the Novartis Pharmaceuticals Division.  Led by Michael J. Nohaile, Ph.D., Global Head of MDx, the unit is designed to leverage the global pharmaceutical company’s strengths and capabilities in research, development and commercialization to translate identified biomarkers into high-quality diagnostic tests. As Novartis explains via its global website: Novartis MDx strives to become a world leader in developing and commercializing diagnostic tests to optimize patient outcomes and to transform the practice of medicine.
Recently, I spoke to Novartis MDx Global Head of Diagnostics Development Michael C. Little, Ph.D., an old colleague of mine from Becton Dickinson and Company, and to Director of Business Development and Licensing Yves Dubaquie, Ph.D., who presented on behalf of Novartis MDx at the Personalized Medicines Partnerships Conference last month. Both gentleman arrived in their current Novartis MDx roles about two years ago and both have impressive industry experience.
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DNA Sequencing – Now It’s Getting (Even More) Personal!

January 31st, 2011
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“We said that once we had finished sequencing the genome we would make it available to the scientific community for free. …And we will be doing that on Monday morning at 10am.” – J. Craig Venter, February, 2001
It’s been ten years since the famous unveiling of the first human genome sequence. Since then, we’ve developed the ability to sequence large numbers of individual human genomes thanks to rapidly changing technology that translates into ever lower costs per genome and higher throughput sequencing capabilities. The $10,000 genome has arrived – even sooner than anticipated – and now the challenge is to figure out what to do with all of the information that is starting to accumulate.
The past year has seen a number of key developments and there are no signs that things will slow down over the coming months:
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