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A Glimpse at Drug Discovery’s Future from H3 Biomedicine CEO Markus Warmuth

October 5th, 2012
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As many of you know, R&D progress in drug discovery has been a challenge for “big pharma” and biotech firms alike. The costs and risks are enormous, and the rewards are increasingly elusive. For many young firms, the “valley of death” is a very real obstacle as cash burn rates exceed the pace of successful delivery of new drugs to market. What can startups (and larger companies) do? Markus Warmuth, CEO of Cambridge, Massachusetts-based H3 Biomedicine, talked with us about his company’s strategies for giving drug discovery a much-needed boost.
H3 Biomedicine Inc. is a privately held, uniquely structured oncology discovery enterprise. H3 is applying the expertise of leading scientists to the integration of insights from cancer genomics with innovative capabilities in synthetic chemistry and tumor biology to discover patient-based, genomics-driven, small molecule drugs, which represent the most promising current opportunity in cancer therapeutics. H3 Biomedicine will achieve its goals through a unique relationship with the pharmaceutical company Eisai Inc. Eisai has pledged up to $200 million in research funding to H3 Biomedicine, as well as additional support for the clinical development of H3 Biomedicine programs.
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