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What Can Healthcare Learn From Project Management?

February 26th, 2014
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David Scher’s post was originally published on The Digital Health Corner.


Traditionally, manufacturers have adopted project management more than physicians and other healthcare providers have. But health technology expert and physician David Scher identifies several ways in which project management can help providers and hospitals develop a more focused approach to improving patient outcomes. Collaborative outlooks and teams; a designated project manager overseeing planning, management and execution of patient care; a shared vision among all participants; use of technology as a tool (as opposed to a standalone solution); and controlling costs all are familiar topics to project managers. Scher believes these concepts should become familiar to healthcare managers, as well.


At Popper and Company, we believe in helping facilitate the convergence of healthcare with technology and other industries. Thus, we hope you will read David’s full post on The Digital Health Corner to learn more about his ideas.

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