Three Conferences, Two Cities, One Vision of Healthcare’s Future?

January 6th, 2012
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To kick off the New Year, we’re attending three key conferences next week. Ken Walz and I will be in San Francisco, so we can tap into both the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference and OneMedForum, and Popper and Co. guest blogger Paul Sonnier will be at the Digital Health Summit, which is held along with the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
Following are some of our thoughts as we prepare to take off.
Ken: Every year we look forward to the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference as an opportunity to renew industry acquaintances, look for business opportunities on behalf of our clients and to do a pulse-check on the outlook for the coming year. The overall sentiment at JPM is often cited as an industry barometer and by Tuesday or Wednesday we’ll all be reading and hearing about “the mood at JP Morgan.” Hopefully, this year that mood will be “optimistic.”

Recently, other conferences have taken advantage of the swarm of life science professionals descending on San Francisco by scheduling events that complement rather than compete with JPM. For example, the OneMedForum takes place across the street from JPM’s venue with a focus on emerging companies and panel discussions; this forum is distinctly different from JPM, with its packed agenda of (mostly) public company presentations.
Paul: Could this be the year we see tangible traction vis-a-vis the convergence of genomics, consumer health, and clinical health care? I’ll find out how close we are at the Digital Health Summit at CES, the Consumer Electronics Show. I’m looking forward to hearing Greg Lucier, CEO of Life Technologies, talk about his company’s intentions for the digital health space (one of Life’s goals is to drive the cost of a complete genome analysis below $1,000).
Also, world-famous cardiologist and digital health visionary Dr. Eric Topol will release the hardcover (non-digital) version of his book, The Creative Destruction of Medicine: How the Digital Revolution Will Create Better Health Care. I’m also hoping to see a demonstration of Qualcomm Life’s 2Net Platform. Paul Jacobs, the CEO of Qualcomm – the parent of Qualcomm Life, which is its wholly owned subsidiary – will discuss the platform’s ability to catalyze the ecosystem of digital health innovators.
We’ll bring back our impressions and views of these exciting meetings and what they mean for you – our life science clients, but feel free in the mean time to let us know how you view our industry as you face the year ahead. Please post your comments below.

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