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November 19th, 2010
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At Popper and Company, we agree with the great scientific mind Carl Sagan who once said, “It is the tension between creativity and skepticism that has produced the stunning and unexpected findings of science.” As consultants to the life sciences industry, we recognize that those of you running biotech, pharma, medical device and medical diagnostics companies – as well as members of the investment community seeking to fund the next breakthrough – deal each working day with the creativity and skepticism inherent within life sciences.
On top of that, no one could deny that this is a dynamic time for our industry and that technologies from across many platforms are converging to change the landscapes of science and medicine. With this in mind, we are proud to announce the launch of both our new Popper and Company website and this blog. Here, I and the rest of the Popper team (Ken Walz, Shane Climie and Patti Doherty) will share our thoughts on the business implications of evolutionary trajectories in life sciences – such as renewed emphasis on clinical utility and cost effectiveness or the partnering of diagnostics with therapeutics – just as we typically do for our clients on a regular basis. Sharing these thoughts via the blog is new to us; but the focus on industry trends and strategies is in the very DNA of our firm’s culture.

We hope you will gain a greater understanding of these developments as we see them each time you read our blog or engage with us. We will speak from our various perspectives based upon our experiences in medicine, finance, science and clinical affairs. We also hope that by putting it out there, we can encourage dialogue about change within our industry and how human health can best be served by the scientists, physicians, companies and investors, regulatory agencies and public health organizations operating in this space.
To learn more, to offer a topic suggestion, or to pick our brains, please send us a message at info@popperandco.com. Thank you for communicating with us, and we hope you appreciate the information sharing that this medium will provide.

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I founded Popper and Company with Ken Walz more than ten years ago to address inefficiencies in health care by helping life science companies develop and commercialize new technology. Today, the members of our growing team leverage their extensive knowledge of the tools and trends shaping all aspects of health care and its participants. Send me an email.