Will Electronic Health Records Ever Be Usable?

October 2nd, 2014
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This post is originally published on InformationWeek Healthcare, September 26, 2014


AMA attempts to address the frustration EHRs create, especially for doctors and other healthcare workers.


“It’s easy to use, once you know where everything is,” the instructor said during an EHR training session I recently attended. Most EHR companies seem to believe this is an acceptable way to design software.


EHR usability has been greatly ignored by vendors, and last week the American Medical Association issued eight usability priorities in an attempt to address the issue. This directive comes as a result of a joint study by the RAND Corporation and the AMA highlighting EHRs as a significant detractor from physicians’ professional satisfaction.

The issue of usability is has reached a critical point, with many doctors hiring scribes to enter information into EHRs while they perform their duties in an effort to save time. In fact, a recent survey by the American College of Physicians found that EHRs cause physicians to lose on average 48 minutes per clinic day, or five hours per clinic week.


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