Patti Doherty, R.N.

I have 20 years experience in clinical research, including leading diagnostic and pharmaceutical clinical studies in disease areas ranging from cancer to infectious disease to cardiology, diabetes, and autoimmune disorders. I also have worked in the areas of proteomics, microscopy, and point-of-care diagnostics.

I have worked with large and small life science companies to identify clinical applications for innovative diagnostic/prognostic tools. Previously, I was the Director of Clinical Studies at Exagen Diagnostics where I was responsible for the management and implementation of clinical and laboratory studies.

For ten years, I was with the New Mexico Department of Health/Epidemiology Division, involved in the design and operation of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis studies in ‘at risk’ populations. While working at Excalibur Technologies (now Convera, Corp. Nasdaq: CNVR), I co-developed a pattern-matching emergency medicine computer program for pediatric intensive care units. Additionally, I worked with the New Mexico Heart Institute in clinical research and have consulted for a biotech company involved in the development of a new class of immunomodulatory drugs.

I received my degrees from the University of New Mexico and University of Albuquerque. When I’m not focused on clinical trials and client projects, you can find me supporting my daughter in cross country running and growing garlic and grapes with my husband on our family’s farm.

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