Andreas Muehler, M.D.



I’m currently the Interim Medical Director, Oncology at Millenium Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the principal of the health care consulting company Keimzelle Medical Ventures, located in the Munich region of Germany. A member of the health care industry since 1992, my expertise spans various fields, including endoscopy, surgical products, cancer radiotherapy, sepsis, cochlear implants, medical imaging and osteoporosis. I have a unique combination of technical and business skills based upon my experiences with preclinical and clinical development, major product launches, licensing, business development, and marketing.

Previously, I was Managing Director of a small health care private equity fund, Palladius Healthcare GmbH (Munich, Germany), which acquired distressed medical device companies. As part of this fund, I was Interim CEO of Precisis AG, a stereotactic neurosurgery and radiosurgery company. In addition, over the last 10 years, I have developed and managed multiple start-up medical device companies and medical technology companies in the United States. Among them were 3TP LLC d/b/a CAD Sciences (White Plains, NY), a medical software company that was subsequently sold to iCAD Medical in 2008. I was also President & CEO of MicroMRI Inc (Langhorne, PA), a medical device company that received FDA clearance for both hardware and software components, and established close relationships with industry leaders for joint development and commercialization.

I received my medical degree from Humboldt-University in Berlin (Germany) where I also started my residency in radiology and diagnostic imaging. After a post doc fellowship at the University of California San Francisco, I initially worked for more than a decade within the pharmaceutical industry, principally with Schering AG (now Bayer Pharmaceuticals) and its U.S. subsidiary Berlex in New Jersey. My last position was heading the marketing group for the U.S. Hospital Division of Berlex Laboratories, with roughly $180M in sales at that time. I also hold an M.B.A. from Duke University.

I’ve been on the Boards of Directors of multiple medical device companies. I’m also author or co-author of roughly 70 peer-reviewed publications and a co-inventor of more than 20 patents.