Using Popper’s Inside Out Diagnostic, we helped a multinational, Silicon Valley based information technology company translate their technology offering to the life sciences market and develop a roadmap to commercialize their offering.

Assessment of Business Needs

Popper and Company was retained to determine the feasibility of applying our client’s printing technology to address needs in life sciences. We also helped the client develop a specific strategy to deploy the technology in the market.

Our Approach

  • Reviewed technical material provided by client and participated in a “deep dive” to understand the printing technology’s capabilities relevant to life sciences.

  • Using a Popper-created matrix as a framework, our team explored the universe of potential applications in life sciences, including drug discovery and development, research, clinical diagnostics, and other medical technology fields.

  • Created a table of high-value areas with key unmet needs that could be addressed by client’s technology.

  • Determined suitability of client’s technology by matching key performance features with critical market needs.

  • Rank-ordered potential applications and performed a detailed commercial viability assessment.

  • Performed a high-level market opportunity analysis.

Synthesis and Outcome

As a key assignment deliverable, Popper created a roadmap for market entry consisting of application areas, GTM strategy, and potential commercialization partners. Our client used this document as the cornerstone of its internal strategy presentations. The company is currently building a business case to obtain internal funding for the execution of the strategy. Immediately upon project completion, the client’s program leader internally referred the Popper team. We were subsequently hired to assist a technology development group elsewhere in the company.