Using Popper’s comprehensive roadmap for strategic transaction and partnership development, we helped a premier academic health science center enter into a joint venture (JV) with a global clinical diagnostics and laboratory testing service provider.

Assessment of Business Needs

Popper and Company assisted a prominent medical college and internationally-recognized genetics domain thought leader to develop and implement a market-appropriate risk-reduction and growth strategy to simultaneously achieve revenue and academic objectives. Working closely with many stakeholders of sometimes contradictory positions, Popper presented findings to the client and led the process to prepare the service business for the transaction, providing hands-on support to client in the process.

Our Approach

  • Performed a detailed review and assessment.

  • Reviewed large volumes of client-provided material against an externally-focused market view provided by Popper.

  • Recommended a partnering strategy and coordinated the partnering process.

  • Led the banker-selection process and assisted the client and the bankers with all aspects of the transaction process.

Synthesis and Outcomes

Our client used Popper and Company’s detailed assessment to make a decision to enter into a partnering process to bring deep commercial expertise to bear. A resulting JV with a global multinational partner exceeded the client’s expectations and Popper was engaged to represent this client on the JV Board in order to provide ongoing strategic input.