Encode innovation in your DNA

Your greatest opportunity for success exists before product development begins – it begins with having the skills and structures within your company to transform great ideas into exceptional products. Popper will help you build innovation into your internal processes and align it with sustainable growth strategies by integrating a deep understanding of the competitive context and market trends. This is our Outside In process.

Step 1: Analyze landscape

As a first step, we will set out to understand the existing market environment and competitive pressures at play:

  • Describe the leading edge of the relevant science and clinical practice
  • Examine shifts in patient and consumer preferences
  • Describe policy and payer trends
  • Assess competitive landscape
  • Describe megatrends – and minor nuances – driving change
  • Ascertain unmet and underserved market needs in relevant segments
  • Identify enabling technologies
  • Integrate uncharted perspectives
  • Assess the market opportunities


Step 2: Inventory capabilities

Next, we will seek to develop an understanding of organizational aspirations and existing competencies.

  • Interview stakeholders and compile input
  • Understand organizational aspirations
  • Assess internal knowledge
  • Understand the organization’s differentiation
  • Assess proprietary technologies and ability to leverage
  • Evaluate R&D capabilities and other organizational competencies
  • Review overall team and production capabilities


Step 3: Ideation

Through disciplined internal protocols and robust innovation processes, we’ll help you ensure the right teams and mechanisms are in place to cultivate an ongoing culture of innovation in your organization.

  • Determine ideation parameters: what’s too far “out of the box”?
  • Apply real multidimensional thinking that challenges rigorously – and creatively
  • Identify opportunities for differentiation
  • Review available resources
  • Brainstorm product ideas after assessing unmet needs and competitive landscape
  • Gather and refine concepts for further analysis and potential development


Step 4: Set strategy

When our team has completed its evaluation of your current state within the competitive environment, we’ll blueprint a goal future state – and put forth a strategy to close the gap.

  • Translate the “outside” to enable internal innovation…in context
  • Identify gaps between “where we are” and the goal state
  • Cultivate innovation processes
  • Develop internal protocols, ensure right mechanisms and teams are in place
  • Iterate the strategic approach
  • Blueprint the future state