Using Popper’s due diligence methodology, we helped a leading multinational pharmaceutical and diagnostic company understand the molecular diagnostics landscape and identify the risks and opportunities of a potential strategic transaction.

Assessment of Business Needs

A pharmaceutical and diagnostics company engaged Popper and Company to review the field of molecular diagnostics for senior management. We were asked to identify emerging trends, market opportunities, and technologies that would align with and complement our client’s existing products and services. This assignment also included a strategic review of a prospective acquisition target to determine valuation, alignment, and fit.

Our Approach

  • Provided a detailed overview of the molecular diagnostics landscape integrating technology, clinical, and market considerations.

  • Recommended strategies based on a broad view of molecular diagnostics, including genomics technologies, nucleic acid detection, proteomics, and imaging.

  • Identified core (the foundational toolbox) elements and complementary enabling technologies.

  • Highlighted the research-to-clinic continuum, along with opportunities along that continuum and the trend toward higher-value, more information-rich diagnostic testing.

  • Provided an overview of market trends, including the reimbursement and regulatory outlook. We also delineated the key capabilities that are needed to support a large, growing medical diagnostic business.

Synthesis and Outcome

Popper and Company took a broad, multidimensional view and led the client through the analysis process. This approach provided a framework that enabled the client to better evaluate a subsequent review of a major tool company that was considered as an acquisition target. Although the target company ultimately was not acquired by the client, our engagement provided a framework to drive strategic planning and the identification of other M&A prospects.