Using Popper’s Inside Out Diagnostic, we helped a leading multinational pharmaceutical and diagnostic company define their cancer diagnostics capabilities and identify opportunities for expansion into the precision medicine market.

Assessment of Business Needs

This global pharmaceutical company engaged Popper and Company to provide advisory services to assess the feasibility of an expansion into diagnostics. Their goal was to develop a biomarker strategy in cancer diagnostics. We analyzed the client’s current and potential capabilities and then determined the specific tools they needed to achieve their objectives.

Our Approach

  • Identified objectives to achieve newly-formed diagnostics division.

  • Assessed potential applications in cancer molecular diagnostics, with a focus on biomarker strategies to monitor, predict, and provide prognostic information and response of targeted and conventional therapeutics.

  • Profiled potential biomarkers and pathways in cancer diagnostics.

  • Created a matrix of opportunities in molecular diagnostics (attractiveness v. capabilities).

  • Mapped competitive landscape and summarized possible business strategies (i.e. organic, acquisition, partnerships, licensing).

  • Created Scientific Advisory Boards (SAB) for client.

  • Developed list of experts from Popper and Company’s internal network in lung and breast cancer, including highly respected oncologists and pathologists from the US and Europe.

  • Coordinated and managed pre-work surveys and presentations.

  • Facilitated in-person SAB meetings with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).

  • Summarized key points from KOLs to help inform client on possible expansion into molecular diagnostics.

Synthesis and Outcome

Popper and Company worked with several team members across the organization to assess the feasibility of developing a new diagnostics division. As a result of our services, the client has successfully expanded their portfolio in oncology and precision medicine and continues to explore therapeutics that target multiple pathways.