Richard Lash, MD

Senior Advisor


My professional career of over 30 years comprised the practice and management of surgical pathology in both academic and commercial settings. I most recently served as Chief Medical Officer and Executive VP of Operations for a major national diagnostics company that grew over 5-fold during my tenure, while distinguishing itself as an innovative practice. In this role, my focus was to creatively and measurably improve quality, establish a unique practice environment that attracted the best talent available, develop an unprecedented coded database, and advance medical knowledge through research. I routinely evaluate new device, platform, or testing companies and advise on development, validation and commercialization. I focus particularly on real clinical utility, alternative approaches, value created and likelihood of insurance coverage.

I received my BS and MD degrees at the University of Michigan (Phi Beta Kappa and Alpha Omega Alpha) and underwent subspecialty training at the Cleveland Clinic. I’ve published over 50 peer-reviewed research manuscripts and book chapters and am currently Associate Clinical Professor of Pathology at UT-Southwestern.

I am particularly excited about the opportunity (and necessity) of integrating pathology information into Precision Medicine and in participating in the development of new tools and businesses to do so.

For fun, I like bike riding (on trails and the road), playing squash, taking daily walks with my wife (rain or shine), reading, and visiting our grown boys. I also play piano but only for myself (and those unfortunate persons who inadvertently stray within earshot).