Stephanie Kreml, MD



My broad career spans across medicine, engineering and business development. At Popper and Company, I develop business strategies and provide guidance to accelerate new product development for medical device companies. Part of this work includes defining areas of clinical need and evaluating the marketplace for critical entry points.

I continue to practice part-time as an urgent care physician, and I have a guest column on the InformationWeek Healthcare website. In 2014, I was honored to be selected to serve as a juror of the medical technology industry’s premier awards program, the Medical Design Excellence Awards® (MDEA). During the judging of each year’s MDEA competition, I participate on an impartial, multidisciplinary panel of expert jurors—comprised of a balance of clinicians, engineers, and designers—who carefully review submissions to select a group of exceptional products in 11 medtech categories.

Prior to medical school, I held engineering positions in the semiconductor industry with Motorola (now Freescale) and Texas Instruments. I received my Doctor of Medicine from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, and I have a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin. While a resident in general surgery, I was a research fellow at Baylor College of Medicine’s Human Genome Sequencing Center and in the Mechatronics and Haptic Interfaces Lab at Rice University.

In my spare time, I like to tinker in the maker/DIY world, building various projects (usually with an interest in solving some type of health care-related problem) using open platforms, such as Arduino, and creating prototypes with a MakerBot 3D printer. My wonderful husband shares this interest, and we include our daughter in many of these projects so we can pass on this love of learning to her. Some day soon, we’ll share this world of exploration with our infant son – he’s not old enough to solder just yet!