Maximize partnering opportunity

Today’s competitive medical technology and life sciences marketplace requires companies to move quickly and deliberately. Popper and Company takes a broad, multidimensional view to lead our clients through the analysis process and identify the best partnering opportunity to satisfy their business objectives.

By analyzing emerging trends and market opportunities, we can determine the strategic partnership or acquisition that would align with and complement your existing products and services. We work with clients to complete a strategic review of a prospective partner or acquisition target to determine impact on valuation, alignment, and fit.

Our approach provides a framework that enables clients to better evaluate potential partners early in the process. Elements include:

  • Monitor industry transactions and provide guidance regarding implications on investment objectives
  • Provide a detailed overview of the existing competitive landscape and market considerations
  • Recommend partnering strategies to fill gaps in client capabilities and position for commercial success
  • Identify potential acquisition targets based on industry knowledge and insights regarding strategic fit
  • Balance risk and return to highlight the most favorable opportunities
  • Identify organizational capabilities needed to support acquisition post-closing