Who We Are

At Popper, we are passionate about making healthcare smarter. We leverage decades of experience to deliver actionable strategies for companies working on the leading edge of diagnostics and patient management. We also provide our skills to institutional and strategic investors, assisting with opportunity assessment, due diligence and transaction strategy and advisory.

We help our clients
accelerate growth,
making healthcare

Working with companies and investors, Popper is the go-to firm for those seeking guidance and insight into how to make healthcare smarter.

We strive for excellence in every assignment we undertake. Our clients count on us to help them create value. They see us as part of their team – together, we enable real change.

The Popper team provides deep expertise, world-class analysis, road-tested knowledge, and a robust understanding of the opportunities and risks across markets and geographies. But, it’s our passion and commitment to results that truly sets us apart.

The Popper process ensures no stone goes unturned as we develop an integrated strategy to accelerate growth for our clients.

We look forward to helping you. reach-out-button_6
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